The joys of being single


Continuing on from my previous post, Writing and Solitude, today I came across an article in The Independent newspaper, entitled Illustrator captures the simple joys of being single, about the work of Idalia Candelas, A Mexico-based illustrator who has drawn a series of sketches of women (‘Postmodern Loneliness’) who very much enjoy being alone.

This whole solitude thing is somewhat preoccupying me at the moment as I know that in order to commit to writing, a substantial amount of my time must be spent alone. This is something that bothers me slightly as I’m single and therefore feel I should be out and about meeting new people, rather than holing myself up inside. However, I have to say that even though I’ve always resisted solitude, it is something that I now actually relish and I feel that these beautiful sketches express the idea that singledom and the natural solitude that comes with it can actually be a lovely thing.

2 thoughts on “The joys of being single

  1. I liked the sketches so much I tweeted the site so other single women like us could feel empowered by such art. Thank you for sharing this.

    I think it’s important for single women to remember that solitude is a good thing, and it does not mean we’re miserably sad or have a need to actively search for a significant other. It means we’re comfortable enough in our own skin to run our own lives instead of letting our lives run us.


    1. Absolutely! I’ve been single now for six months and everything feels so calm and peaceful – how it should be! Solitude is bringing so much to my life – writing more, sleeping better etc. I’d love to meet the right person of course, but only when the time’s right 🙂


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