Finally a bit of success :-)


One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to take part in a few weekly writing competitions, and so far I’ve managed to stick to it. It’s great fun and even if you don’t win, can provide you with ideas or even drafts for future stories. One which I’d particularly recommend and I’ve had a little success in is Write Invite. It runs from 17:30 GMT every Saturday and costs £4.00 to enter. You’re given three different prompts from which you have to choose one and you then have half an hour to write a story. The top three are shortlisted and from the following Wednesday to Saturday all entrants vote for their favourite with the result announced just before the next competition. I was shortlisted last week and ended up coming third. You can read my story here –  Warm hands mean what?

4 thoughts on “Finally a bit of success :-)

  1. Congratulations on placing third (it was first in my opinion, I demand a recount). And thanks for sharing a place to participate in weekly competitions. So far I’ve only used NYC Midnight but see the benefit of regular runouts rather than the biannual effort over there.


  2. Thanks, Christopher! It’s a great competition – I did manage to win it once last year and have finished third before, but i usually come in the top ten so it’s quite motivating. You definitely should give it a go. I need these little challenges to keep me motivated!


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