Ad Hoc Fiction – ‘Chalk and Cheese’


I’ve recently been spending a little more time on flash fiction, or rather trying to improve my ability to write it. In so doing, I’ve begun to realise just how difficult it is to get it right. I think it helps to either be a poet or have an interest in poetry as choosing the most optimum word is even more important in a story consisting of fewer than 500 words.

One great way to practise is to participate in several of the many weekly competitions on offer online and one I’ve recently discovered is Ad Hoc Fiction which is a free to enter flash/micro fiction competition run by the Bath Flash Fiction Award.

You have a week to write a 150 word story which must include a given word. A long list is published and you can then vote for your favourite. The winner receives a free entry to the Bath Flash Fiction Award.

The given word this week was paste and my entry for this week is Chalk and Cheese (below)  

You can vote for it in the Read and Vote Weekly eBook, but give it a go next week. It’s fun!

Chalk and Cheese

For packed lunch Lucy had cheese and piccalilli rolls neatly wrapped in foil and tucked away in a Tupperware box; I had fish paste sandwiches held together with cling film. 

Lucy had a can of Fanta and Monster Munch crisps; I had a bottle of water and a Granny Smith apple. 

Lucy had a four-fingered Kit Kat; I had two custard creams.

Lucy was allowed to grow her hair long like Boy George: I wasn’t. 

Lucy could go to the school disco on Saturday night; I couldn’t. 

Lucy studied her arse off and got four A’levels; I studied my arse off and failed. 

Lucy met Michael and got married; I met men and stayed single. 

Lucy had two beautiful daughters; I had a neurotic rescue cat. 

Lucy was the chalk to my cheese. 

Lucy got cancer; I cried at her funeral. 


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