This is the day

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “this and that.” Talk about this, talk about that, talk about this and that, but here’s the catch: make either “this” or “that” the first word of your post. Bonus points if you can end with “this” or “that.”


This is the day when I was woken up at 6 by my kitten, Polly who never seems to know when it’s Saturday and I want to sleep.
This is the day when the sky is clear, the air is cold and the birds are singing.
This is my favourite day of the week. It’s a day when I don’t have to work, I can do exactly what I want to do and at 8 am I feel I have a long stretch of glorious time ahead of me.
This is the day that my friend Andy was born. We met 24 years ago in Japan and I’m thankful he lives in the same city as me.
This is the day that he’s having a party to celebrate, a boozy one starting at 1 pm in his flat. Can’t wait!
This is the time that I’m starting to feel hungry and I wish I’d been shopping last night. This is also the time that I start considering whether to go to the gym or not as I don’t feel like it and would rather lounge around in bed, reading and writing.
This is the day when I’m experiencing a mixture of emotions. Happiness as I’m free to do what I like and sadness as I just read about Joey Feek who has died of cancer at the age of 40.
This is the day that I’m consequently feeling grateful for the incredible life that I’ve had and continue to have.
This is the morning when I began to write a short story on an interlining trip I took with my sister around Europe in the early 90s. I found an old diary last night from that time and this is the day I remember having to hitch from Athens to Thessaloniki as there was a state of emergency in the country and no trains were running.
This is the morning when I remember almost being attacked by the lorry driver who picked us up, and it’s the morning when I think about all the lucky escapes I’ve had in my life.
This is the time when I can hear my cat miaowing and my clock ticking telling me I need to get on with my day.

That was my post for SoCS. So that’s that!


6 thoughts on “This is the day

  1. This is a lovely read with all that information. In Polly’s opinion, everyday is a good day and why you should sleep when she’s awake is a question to be answered. I wish I could find my old notes and diaries of my younger years. I didn’t value my writing as much back then and I wrote a whole lot.

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    1. Thanks, Jacqueline! Yes, they’re so useful. I just did it for fun back then but they’re really helping me see how much I’ve changed while reminding me of things I’d completely forgotten. (I know what you mean about valuing your writing – it’s taken me a long time to do that).

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