“What an odd place to put a bin.”

“Bins can go anywhere though, that’s the nature of bins. There’s always rubbish around, stuff people want to get rid of…”

“Yeah, but this is the middle of nowhere. There’s no point plonking a bin where nobody is likely to be.”

“But we’re here.”

“True, but we’re just passing through. No one usually stops in the middle of nowhere.”

“We did.”

“But not for long. “

“Long enough to dump our rubbish though.”

“Yes, but still. It’d make more sense to have put the bin in that village we just passed through. What was the name?”

“I can’t remember, anyway, people don’t usually want a bin cluttering up their main street, and didn’t that village win ‘Britain in Bloom’ last year?”

“I guess you’re right. One minute. I’ll just pop this stuff in the bin.”

1 minute later

“You’ll never believe it.”


“The bin’s full! Who in their right mind would stop in the middle of nowhere?”

Written for Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner: Week #11 – 2016

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