AdHoc fiction ‘The Green Parrot’

My entry to this week’s Ad Hoc Fiction competition (a story of around 150 words). It had to contain the word ‘branch.’ You can vote for it or enter yourself here!


After the argument I wandered through to the living room and glanced outside. Between the interstices of the blinds I spied a green parrot, swooping up to the top branch of the tallest tree and then down to the small bird table in our neighbour’s garden. It paused there for a moment, then repeated the journey twice, landing on the same branch each time.
The branch seemed grateful for its visitor, and stretched upwards into the leaden sky as though out of gratitude.
‘Where did that parrot come from?’ said John. I hadn’t heard him come in and his voice was softer than half an hour before.
‘Beautiful, isn’t it?’ I murmured. Its chartreuse feathers were in stark contrast to the gloomy winter surroundings.
‘Mmm,’ said John. ‘Forgiven?’ And he handed me a mug of steaming coffee and pulled me into his arms.

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