‘Apathetic’ – #AtoZ Challenge

th.jpegI feel like this today and I hate it. It’s the worst possible feeling and not something that occurs very often, thankfully. When I feel this way, I can’t be bothered to do very much. Can’t exercise, clean or write. Instead I seem to spend the whole time faffing; starting things but not completing them, unable to decide what I really want to do. I try desperately hard to focus but it’s usually in vain. What makes it worse is that I generally have so much to do that it’s almost overwhelming yet I’m stuck in a state of complete inertia.

One of the few things that seems to help me at this time is mindfulness meditation as it enables me to slow down, focus on my breath and achieve a relatively clear state of mind. I believe any form of daily practice is a useful means of counteracting this feeling. Sometimes simply going through the motions is enough to change a mood.


4 thoughts on “‘Apathetic’ – #AtoZ Challenge

  1. Keep writing, you will overcome it. Most people feel like that at some time or another.
    Once you settle down with no interruptions, you will write a post then continue on doing your everyday chores feeling good about yourself.
    All the best with your A to Z challenge.

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    1. Thanks, Elsie, you too! I know you’re right but at the time you tend to think you’re the only one! Good luck with the challenge too – look forward to reading your posts 🙂


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