SoCS -‘Be’– #AtoZ Challenge

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “be.” Use it as is or at the beginning of the word you decide to base your post on. Enjoy!

Being rather than Doing


To be or not to be? In the past it was ‘not to be’ as when I was younger, life was all about doing. I travelled constantly, ran hard every day, enrolled on course after course, dated obsessively and generally tried to cram my life with as many activities as possible. I felt that if I wasn’t doing something then I wasn’t truly living. Now, however things have changed a little. Although prone to the odd bout of apathy (see previous post!) when I have a tendency to beat myself up for not accomplishing anything of note, I’m more able to recognise the value of simply being, without feeling the need to ‘do’ anything. Take today for example. I had plans, lots of them. I was going to go for a long bike ride, I was going to work on my novel, I was planning to tidy my flat etc. etc. but that was before I went out last night.

Last night was relatively unplanned but I ended up having a beautiful evening with one of my best friends and her boyfriend. We went to a lovely little cafe around the corner, where we ate tapas, drank wine and danced to Spanish music. I hadn’t planned to drink much but .. today I woke up with a hangover and a feeling of general laziness.

It’s a gorgeous day here so all I feel like doing is chilling out and enjoying the sunshine – my plans have changed, but I feel fine with that. Being present to the moment is all about focusing on what is happening right now, without worrying about what you feel you ‘should’ be doing. I might try a little meditation later and luxuriate in the fact that I don’t have to do anything today if I don’t want to.

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7 thoughts on “SoCS -‘Be’– #AtoZ Challenge

  1. Mary: Now that’s living…believe it or not! All those things you think you should be “doing” aren’t all that important. Enjoy the moment and the good memories of the night before–hangover notwithstanding!😊🍻


  2. It took me awhile to not be driven and to not feel guilty for not being driven. That was my biggest adjustment when I retired. Anyway, it sounds like you had a lovely evening. Ain’t life grand.

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  3. I totally agree and the scary thing is that ye’sterday I was speaking with a guy who said ‘we are doing instead of being’ spooky that I have found your post about that! I share the same philopsophy as you and will look forward to your post tomorrow. Enjoy the moment! I’d love you to visit my blog. Sue @Sizzling60 from
    Sizzling Towards Sixty

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