Sunday Photo Fiction -‘Cocooned in a festive bubble’


On Christmas Day the rain came. There was no warning. Cocooned in our festive bubble, we didn’t realise till the evening when we looked out to find ourselves marooned. The oven was hurriedly switched off and the turkey shoved in the larder for a more suitable time. Firemen brought sandbags and words of advice but we slept badly that night and awoke the next morning to see the garden waterlogged and water gushing through the pipes surrounding the house.

We fished out dust covered wellies from the loft and trudged through the deepening water to seek help. The roads nearby were covered with puddles with huge Range Rovers steaming through them splashing any poor beggar in sight. We’d never seen Yorkshire like this. The water continued to rise until it was almost level with the front door. We looked in horror, but there was little anyone could do but hope, and pray, if that you were that way inclined. And then, as if by magic, the water subsided and kept on subsiding until the paving stones were visible again. The danger had gone and our house felt safe once more. It was time to eat the turkey.

This post was written for Sunday Photo Fiction 

14 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction -‘Cocooned in a festive bubble’

      1. It was scary. Considering pigeons build their nests in those pipes, shows how high it was.

        i know seeing on the news about the weather in Yorkshire and Cumbria over Christmas and the New Year. I couldn’t help feeling for the kids who wanted to wake up on Christmas morning to presents and Santa, and ended up with hell and water.

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  1. LOL! Reminds me of a camping trip I once had that started out with a bad fall and an immobilized leg. I traveled a state over from us and checked into a campground, set the tent up hopping on one leg and a crutch, and finally crashed in exhaustion. When I woke in the morning, I was on an island, and a very small one at that. Thank you to the National Guardsmen & women who came and rescued me, my mom’s pup, the tent, gear, and even my vehicle.

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      1. At the time, I was a little concerned, but not really scared. I was sitting eating breakfast with my leg propped on the cooler when they showed up. Wow, they even broke my campsite down for me in lickety split time. Forever grateful I’ll be.

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