‘Zest’ – #AtoZ Challenge


Yay! Last letter of the alphabet and day of the challenge…

Every writer, and indeed any committed blogger must agree that in order to stick to writing, it is important to have a zest for it i.e. passion. It’s so damn hard otherwise. I feel I’ve always had some sort of zest for writing but I believe that provided there’s a seed of desire there in the first place, zest can grow, so the more writing you do, the more you actually want to do and conversely, the less you do, the less you want to do which can make any zest you had disappear.

What goes hand in hand with zest is discipline. You always need zest  but then you also need the discipline to sit down and write even when you don’t feel like it. I don’t feel like doing anything today. I’ve been sick all week – in bed with flu, probably due to the freezing cold temperatures we’re experiencing here in the UK, but I’ve still made myself write – not much to be honest; the blogging challenge and a couple of flash fiction competitions but at least I’ve done something. The zest is still there, even if it’s just a flickering flame this week, but the discipline hasn’t disappeared, not completely anyway. I’m hoping that I’ll return to normal tomorrow. It’s a new month after all!


11 thoughts on “‘Zest’ – #AtoZ Challenge

  1. Good observation! It really is important to have both zest and discipline when it comes to writing. And whenever you’re lacking in one, the other keeps you going.

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  2. Yay, Mary! You did a wonderful job with the A to Z Challenge. I enjoyed each offering. Now, I hope you’re feeling better and ready to share more of your zest with us! Have a great week ahead and please stay in touch. 🙂

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