‘The red-eyed dragon’ – Sunday Photo Fiction’


The antique shop was nestled in a Somali enclave at the bottom of my road. Surrounded by barbers’ and cafes blasting out football games in unintelligible languages, the shop seemed an anachronism, and indeed it had been there for years, a fact borne out by the virtually indecipherable phone number at the top.

Extending from one side of the window to the other was a deep fissure, caused perhaps by a wannabe burglar, but more likely by an errant chair leg, for who in their right mind would want to steal anything from there? The place was, quite frankly, an eyesore.

The antique shop seemed a final resting place for all manner of curios, dumped there by relatives of the deceased who lacked the time and patience to sort through their loved ones’ belongings properly, because if they had done, they might have spotted the inherent value of the red-eyed dragon. What it lacked in financial value, it clearly made up for in charm and idiosyncrasy, or so my foolish husband obviously believed when he presented it to me, exquisitely wrapped, as ‘a special gift, darling,’ for my 40th birthday.

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My mammoth cycling challenge

I haven’t been too active on my blog recently, partly because of work, but also because I’ve been training and fundraising for a cycling challenge in September when I’ll be cycling from John o’Groats in the far north of Scotland to Lands End in the south of England, a distance of 1,013 miles, and although I’ve done many endurance events before, this will be the biggest so far.

The route!

I’m doing the ride to raise money for Women V Cancer, a British organisation which represents three cancer charities: Breast Cancer Care, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust and Ovarian Cancer Action and I’ve pledged to raise £3000 by the end of July (which is probably more daunting than the actual ride!).

I hate asking for money, but any donations, no matter how small, would be really appreciated. There’s more information on my Just giving page (click the link below), or you can text using the information below to donate £3 – every little bit will hopefully help me to reach my goal!

Thank you so much!

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