About Mary


Purpose: To explore the joys and pitfalls of writing every day, plant seeds in similar minds and share and develop ideas.

Me:  A sensitive empath seeking to connect with other likeminded writers through the stepping stones of words.

More: I’m a spiritual dreamer with a Sagittarian sun and Piscean moon. Originally from the UK, I’ve lived in several countries; Japan, Italy, France and Australia but am now settled in vibrant South London with my kitten, Polly and an abundance of quirky cafes. I teach EAP at university level & tutor in English, and spend the remainder of my time writing, reading  and exercising – running, cycling and yoga. My passions are flash fiction and short stories and I’ve had a number published. I’m also in the middle of my first novel, Naima, which is based on a past relationship. It gained momentum at the end of November when I managed to win NaNoWriMo but I still have a long way to go.