Long overdue post!

I have just realised that I haven’t updated my blog since last March, which is crazy. Life (and writing) somehow got in the way! I had a wonderful writing year and managed to get many stories published. (The links are below) I hope yours went as well! Hope to be interacting with more of my fellow bloggers in 2019. All the best Mary

More Than This Published Memoir Mixtapes 04/04/18

This Man Published Marauder Literary Journal 06/04/18

Searching the Web Published The Fiction Pool 10/04/18

More than This Longlisted Fish Short Memoir Competition May 18

Are we there yet? Published Fictive Dream 25/05/18

The Last Day Shortlisted Cliffhanger competition Writing Magazine June 18

Sixty Published Flash Flood 16/06/18

In One Ear Published Firewords 25/06/18

Dandelion Clock Published The Drabble 27/06/18

A Wispy Kind of Gold Published Reflex Fiction 02/07/18

Why Did you Come? Published Ink in Thirds 01/09/18

One Night in Clapham Published Funicular Magazine 01/09/18

Obsession Published Spelk 10/09/18

The Goldfish Published Reflex Fiction 16/10/18

When Published Irreal Magazine 01/11/18

When a Bear met a Deer Published Ghost Parachute 01/11/18

Bunting Published The Drabble 19/11/18

The Moluccan Cockatoo Published Vamp Cat Mag 02/12/18

John Coltrane, he is not Winner Faber Academy Quick Fic Competition 08/12/18

Ladybird Recommended London Independent Story Prize 14/12/18

Trust your imagination

and the ideas will flow …

I recently signed up for a writing competition – The NYC short story challenge. http://www.nycmidnight.com/Competitions/SSC/Challenge.htm

It wasn’t my normal type of comp. Generally I stick to something that I know I can do and consequently I’ve recently started to achieve a little success – occasionally winning or being placed or shortlisted. However, I suppose I’ve been feeling restless. I know what I can do but am also aware of what I can’t, hence my reason for entering.

The challenge goes like this. All entrants are put in groups with about 35 people in each. For the first round they are given a brief consisting of three elements 1/ genre 2/ subject and 3/ character about which they have to write a story of under 2,500 words in a week. The top five in each group then go through to the second round and the challenge continues in a similar way.

My brief was:  

Genre – suspense     Subject – PTSD   Character – X-Ray technician. 

When I saw this, my heart sank. I’d never written a suspense story and knew little of PTSD and X-Ray technicians. However, I let the elements float around for a while in my mind and gradually ideas started to form. The next day I did a word sprint, (a spontaneous typing exercise, something I got into the habit of doing for NaNoWriMo and a great way of getting the words down), and this enabled me to come up with a first draft and the last few days I’ve been fine tuning the story so it’s ready to submit before this Saturday’s deadline.

Of course I’d love to get in the top five but even if I don’t, I can look back on this week and feel happy that I’ve learned something new. I’ve learned how (in theory at least!) to write a suspense story and I’ve realised that I have the ability to write about anything if I only trust my imagination.